We are pleased to be your point of contact and look forward to providing you with our "white glove" services.  We hope you will create new memories, make lasting friends and enjoy all that New York City has to offer.  All you need to do to get started is to sign-on to the allSolutions LLC interactive website. Welcome to your new home!

  • You planned, packed and made the move. Now, let allSolutions LLC provide you with helpful information while you unpack.
  • Once signed-on to the Website, you will find it is personalized to your every need. Designed to keep all your information in one place, you will see your monthly accounting of your lease payments including amount due and amount paid, have access to make your electronic lease payment, automated work orders for any repairs or services issues, find scanned copies of your lease documents and a community bulletin board- CONTACTS. Here, you will find the "how to" for internet & cable, Con Edison for utilities, NYC transit maps and links for updates on service, ... You can even find a Vet for your furry family member (if you have one).
  • The allSolutions CONTACTS also includes popular "Things to Do," "Top Restaurants," "Rooftop Bars," the performance schedule for "The Joyce," What's Hot and What's Not ... and will keep you connected to the pulse of the City that never sleeps!
  • On the MESSAGE board, you will find special messages for your building or specifics to your neighborhood. You may find discounts to your local dry cleaner, a new food delivery choice or an announcement that FIOS is now available in your building. Stay informed by checking the "board!"
  • Special Services - Whether it's "Chef for the Night," "Messenger Service," "White Glove Cleaning," or "Black Car Service," allSolutions LLC will make the arrangements (14 days notice for "Chef for the NIght"; 24hrs notice for "Messenger Service" & "Black Car Service"; "White Glove Cleaning," ongoing or 24 hrs notice)

Chef for the Night

Your own top chef & staff for the night to shop, prepare, cook, serve and leave them all talking! And, you a guest at your own party.



Messenger Service

Running late? Thought you'd drop it off on the way? Morning meeting even earlier?  Leave the package and we'll arrange for delivery.



Black Car Service

How are you getting there?  How will you get back?  Let us take care of it.  With 24 hrs notice, we will arrange for Black Car Service.



White Glove Cleaning

When it needs to be "white glove" clean, let us arrange for cleaning services. Whether on-going or one day, your home should look its best!