Owning investment property in Manhattan can become a full time job.  By contracting with allSolutions LLC to act as your Property Manager , it doesn't have to be a second job for you.  While you concentrate on your family, career and other aspects of your life, we will maintain your property with "white glove" care.

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sun wraps empire gold, nycphotography 2017.08.15
  • Inspection, assessment and contract of vendors for preparation of property for Tenant move in ie: cleaning, painting, carpentry, electrical, plumbing etc...
  • If furnished, inventory of apartment contents and condition prior to tenant move in.
  • Collection of Tenant security deposit, monthly rent, and "white glove" handling of Tenant needs.
  • Payment of monthly maintenance charges, taxes and preparation of quarterly & yearly statements for your annual tax reporting.
  • Repairs, servicing of applianaces, and general "up keep" of your property with an automated Tenant Work Order process to keep it looking brand new!
  • Inspection & assessment of property at the end of the Tenant lease to arrange for the return of the Tenant security deposit.
  • Other services personalized to your needs.