About us…

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the Company…

allSolutions LLC is a Manhattan based, “white glove,” boutique property management company positioned to meet the needs of “one off” investment property owners. With our property management solutions that are timely, creative, responsive, and focused, allSolutions LLC maintains your investment property with the highest standards of service.

Many of our clients partner with us as they maintain a residence out of the Manhattan area, are unable to carry out the day to day management of the property, and do not want the added obligations of property management. allSolutions LLC gives them peace of mind knowing that their property is in “white glove ” hands.

“White Glove” Services…


– For you, managing investment property in Manhattan can become a full time job. But, with allSolutions LLC acting as your Property Manager, it doesn’t have to be a second job for you. While you concentrate on your family, career, and other aspects of your life, we will maintain your property with “white glove care.”

  • Assessment, Preparation and Vendor Contracting
  • Inventory of furnished property
  • Repairs, Servicing & General “Up Keep”
  • Liaison with Board & Managing Agent
  • Anticipate Future Needs
  • Personalized Services


– When you build a positive relationship with Tenants, they are more likely to renew their lease agreements. allSolutions LLC will look after your Tenants and proactively manage their needs with a straight forward, professional approach that will develop a “white glove relationship” and retain good Tenants.

  • “Check In/Check Out”
  • “How to” for Utilities
  • Automated Lease Payments
  • Automated Work Orders
  • Special Services-
    • “Chef for the Night”
    • “White Glove Cleaning”
    • “Black Car Service”
    • “Messenger Service”
  • “White Glove Care” for Tenant needs


  • Payments and Lease Collection
  • Manage Security Deposit
  • Payment of Property Taxes
  • Project Management for large scale repairs
  • Preparation of quarterly/yearly CPA reports