As much as it is a personal taste or liking, NYC bagels have that certain texture that make them some of the best around.  And, you may disagree but there are those of us amongst you that believe the best bagel does exist.

According to Sara Ventiera of Food Network, The Hole Truth, H & H, Ess-A-Bagel, Sadelle’s and Murray’s Bagels are a few that are worth trying.  For me, it’s Murray’s for the slam dunk!

Since 1966 when Murray’s opened its doors, hand-rolled bagels with just a few simple ingredients have been dumped into the bagel bins –steaming hot!  Always delivering that familiar crunch, you can smell the aroma of hot, freshly baked bagels blocks away.  And, if you just don’t get there early enough on a Saturday morning, you may have to smell them from that far away as you settle into your place online, down the block.

An everything bagel with Lox, capers, onions, tomato and cream cheese will fill my order.  Try them out for yourself.  And, then compare Murray’s to your favorite bagel place.  Maybe there is a “find” out there we still don’t know about.

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